Why Eradicate?

the Rascal® in the field

Why the Rascal Eradicator® will solve your problem.  Why use this instead of any other method?

It’s safe, no poisons, chemicals, explosive gases or other dangerous methods. If you can run a lawnmower you can run this. EPA registered pest control device insures compliance. Unit can be used where other methods cannot.

It’s economical.  Costs less than $3 hour to operate, uses regular gas and oil, that’s it. You can buy this and use it for as long as you want for about the price of poisoning about 4 acres.

It’s robust. Built in Colorado with majority of American made parts. Made for real work conditions in any weather, temperature, rain or snow. It’s built to last and last in the field.

It’s efficient. Once over and done.  No going back and redoing it. Our standard 25 ft set up provides two hoses in a 50 ft radius without moving the unit. Set one hose, tamp dirt around it, start your timer, repeat at the next hole and keep going. Optional 50 ft hose provides a 100 ft radius without moving.  Optional Specialized nozzles available for different burrow types. Especially made for easy movement in the field. Optional ATV hitches available too. Unlike poisoning and baiting you don’t have to continue to return to deal with and dispose of contaminated carcasses.

It’s humane, the patented cool calm carbon monoxide delivery system puts the rascals to sleep. Controls your land forever, protects against continuing invaders when needed.

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