Where The Rascal Eradicator Being Used

Where are we currently using the Rascal Eradicator®?
Potential users have asked me, “Where is the Rascal Eradicator used?”

We’re solving problems in:
Wyoming and Nebraska- at hospitals, schools and nursing homes with close in prairie dog infestations

Colorado – saving Willy, the 35 year old burro, from breaking his leg in his corral

Colorado- helping to keep an airport safe for landing and taking off aircraft from hitting prairie dogs and keeping the land in good shape, both on the strip and land side

Missouri-keeping the summer camp safe from the massive mole invasion

Indiana- keeping the beautiful yard on the old family farm from gophers and the cattle from breaking legs in the heavily infested pastures there too.

Colorado- keeping the paddock safe and full of grass for the American ponies at a Western slope ranch.  Keeping the landscape in good shape too from the ground squirrels.

Colorado- keeping the pasture safe and productive in both Eastern and Western Colorado cattle ranches

Arizona- keeping the lawns, fairways and yards free from gophers gone wild in residential and commercial locations.

Colorado – keeping the soccer fields free from trip hazards for the kids caused by gopher mounds

Colorado-keeping schools, open spaces and parks free from prairie dog holes in urban areas along the front range

Colorado- keeping food plant safe and harborage free for other rodents by controlling prairie dogs in an industrial park

Minnesota – keeping gophers from feasting on the fiber optics lines for a rural phone company so that the $75,000 spent on gopher caused breaks doesn’t reoccur. Since they occur in the winter, we’re probably helping some repair techs from freezing their you know what off too!

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