Total Effectiveness in Eastern Colorado

Once again, we confirmed the Rascal Eradicator’s efficiency and effectiveness. Of course, we had to do it on a 99° day! It does not matter to the Rascal Eradicator though, because it works in any weather, any day and anytime!
Did we confirm what our customers told us already? Yes!

All the burrows processed on 06-05-2020 showed no dig outs indicating a totally successful eradication when examined 06-07-2020 on this date in this test. In case you’re wondering I had to use a … umm….“readily available” hold down ‘material’ for my date sign in this windy Eastern Colorado Cattle Pasture!

Isn’t it time that you add a carbon monoxide device to your rodent control situation with once through operation and less than a dime average fuel cost for a burrow?

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Enjoy the pictures!

Rascal Eradicator Unit with 2 hoses in the field
Rascal Eradicator Unit with 2 Hoses

treated prairie dog hole
Treated prairie dog hole new

treated prairie dog hole2
Treated prairie dog hole2

treated prairie dog hole3
Treated hole -No activity!

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