THIS is Why You Do It RIGHT!

THIS is why you do it right with Rascal Eradicator®!

A 02/06/2020 article in the Washington Times stated
“BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) – A South Dakota rancher has pleaded guilty to federal charges in the deaths of six protected bald eagles who were poisoned by some misapplied pesticide on his property.”
Bald Eagle
David Meyer, 58, supervised the misapplication of 39,000 pounds of the pesticide Rozol on 5,400 acres of land on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in Corson County, according to prosecutors. More than a dozen workers told investigators in 2016 that they were supposed to put the poison into prairie dog holes but got sloppy and put it near the holes.
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“Rancher David Meyer was convicted of 3 counts in Bismark, North Dakota Federal court of poisoning 6 golden eagles as a result of improperly applying over 39,000 pounds of Rozol poison on 5400 acres of land to control prairie dogs.” 

The list of what was wrong here includes improper application by untrained and unlicensed applicators, improper usage and improper spreading over the ground. Neither was the Rancher licensed as required to buy or use this product. They had so much of the Rozol that they literally spread it on top of the ground instead of just in burrows!
The incident resulted in over $50,000 in fines and $58,000 in restitution.
Carbon Monoxide dispensing units, like the Rascal Eradicator®, just plain don’t have these problems.  No residue is left after the burrow is controlled.

Another reason to use the Rascal Eradicator®!

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