Gopher Control Vacation Suggestion-(in jest)

We are facing some of the most important health and safety issues of our lifetime no doubt. This is our priority and I know it’s yours too. At some point in the future we will be able to laugh at something funny and entertaining. Well here is one!

Chuckwagon Gopher
Tea Time Gophers

When researching Gopher damage and control methods I came across this museum.  What better way to view your foe, ‘the gopher’ in dioramas? They have that!  Maybe gophers dressed up? They have that too!
“THE SPINOFF” in NZ posted the article here

This museum in Canada is interesting to say the least. Any pest or wildlife control going to head there on vacation? Don’t miss THIS ONE on your travels!
(The Gopher Hole Museum is located in Torrington, Alberta, CA)

Rascal Eradicator will give you time to vacation by nailing your gopher problems without poison, traps, or fumigants at a ridiculously low costs of about a dime a burrow!
Call us and we will help you successfully and economically deal with the problem.

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