8 Interesting Gopher Facts

I hope this blog finds you, your family and friends well and surviving this trying time.
We will pray, work together and help each other survive the Corona Virus.  This is what we do as Americans.


Here’s eight interesting Gopher facts for you while you are social distancing.  Amaze your friends and understand why you the Rascal Eradicator in your control program!

  • There are 35 different Gopher species in the Western Hemisphere, depending on what biologist is arguing.
  • Gophers weigh about a 1/2lb to 2.2lb. I don’t know about you, but I really would be amazed by that big of a rascal!
  • Gophers large pouches are responsible for being called “pockets”. They use these pouches for bring food back.  It would be hard to drag bags around in a tunnel, wouldn’t it? 
  • Gophers eat about any kind of plant, hence one of the reasons why they are pests in your garden, orchard, yard or field.
  • Gophers leave mounds where they come to the surface in their tunnels. Hence the second reason why they are pests.  These mounds and the tunnels play havoc on any equipment and land.
  • Gophers can have one to two litters a year. It depends on food availability.  Usually one to four kits are in a litter.
  • Gopher damage was listed as the #1 type of rodent damage in the USA in 1988. That includes farms, orchards, yards, woodlands, row crops, alfalfa and even buried communications and power wire!
  • Rascal Eradicator has a proven history controlling gophers successfully in the desert, mountain, plains and Midwest farm and field for pennies a hole. Contact us today by email, text or phone.

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