RE® Device Accessories 2021

Hitch, 2 in ball hitch
2 inch ball hitch for Rascal EradicatorModel #RE3HI5562
Description: Pull your unit with any ATV, UTV or Side by Side.  This easy to install 2inch receiver hitch allows you to take the Rascal Eradicator easily wherever you need it.  This ingeniously designed hitch is attached with two bolts to the handle in minutes.
Price: $119.58 each

Steel gopher probes Steel Gopher Probes for Rascal EradicatorModel #RE3STG4413
Description: Steel gopher probes get the job done in hard, rocky soils or constant use.  These easy to use steel probes are equipped with comfort handles.  Connects in minutes and lasts through constant use and challenging soils.
Price: $164.57 each

50 ft hose set50ft Hose Set for Rascal EradicatorModel #REH50002
Description: Double your effective reach with these two 50 ft hoses. Highly recommend for commercial use and private applicators using vehicles, side by sides, atvs or utvs carrying unit in them.  This allow easy access without having to move unit more often. Same great quality as standard 25 ft hoses.
Price: $133.90 a set

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