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Struggling with prairie dogs, ground hogs, gophers or other burrowing pests? If you, your neighbors or your community want to reclaim you land without destroying property or employing inhumane methods, then you need to take a look at the Rascal Eradicator®.

The Rascal Eradicator™ is designed to easily maneuver on your property. Features include:

  1. Wheeled base with high clearance
  2. Two hoses allow the user to cut work time in half
  3. Hose hanger allows for ease in transport and storage
  4. EPA approved

We have the best method and product available to solve your problem. Call us today to learn more about the Rascal Eradicator® or to place an order.

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6 Replies to “About The RE®

  1. Hi Robert,
    I’m sure you’ll agree, at least half the battle of gopher problems is finding them! Rascal Eradicator doesn’t use a smoke producing liquid as it or the dispensing device is patented. Our gopher getting users just put the hoses in the burrows and are able to get a good kill rate. It sounds like you’re up to the effort needed to reclaim your twenty acres! Rascal Eradicator has two hoses that allow you to do twice as many burrows an hour as a one hose system. Let us know how we can help!

  2. I like what you are offering here with one item I would need. I need a way to inject a smoke or such into the borrows to find the other holes to plug up. I have 20 acres with no past gopher management and I am finding the gophers using older tunnels etc. E.g. I placed a water hose into a burrow to see if it would terminate and the burrow would fill. I have found it is not possible to find a terminated burrow, or at least not many. What do you think?

  3. Hi Larry,
    Generally we allow about 7-10 minutes on a prairie dog burrow. In our over 200 hrs of field testing showed a good rule of thumb is how high is the mound dirt? a few inches = 7 minutes, larger amounts= longer time. Hope you are doing well on your ranch.

  4. Just wondering why this “Rascal” is so much more compact than other carbon monoxide units that I have seen?

    1. Hi Shad,
      Thanks for being the first question on our updated website! The rascal eradicator is smaller than some other units. The answer is its simplicity. The unit does not have compressors, tanks or other equipment that is prone to failure and replacement. Its simple, robust and made for the field. This size was developed for maximum portability in the field. You can roll it around by your self. There are other units smaller too, but they only have one hose. Ours has two hoses for greater efficiency.
      If you need more info please call me anytime @ 303-910-9106 sincerely
      Bill Enderson
      General Manager

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