The Rascal Eradicator®
is your partner in the battle against unwanted rodents & burrowing pests by using a safe, effective and humane treatment without the risks of poisons and explosives

RE3 with hose assembly

RE3 folded without hoses

The portable unit is designed for:

  • Individuals, organizations and municipalities to take control of their property.
  • Large Open Spaces
  • Farms & Ranches
  • Dairies
  • Landscapers & Grounds Keepers
  • Golf Courses
  • Airports
  • Wineries & Orchards
  • Schools
  • Homeowner’s Associations

Doc had a problem. Prairie dogs were on his place. His horses were in danger!
Doc wasn’t satisfied with the usual answers. He asked Billy Martin, a lifelong tinkerer and inventor if there was a better way.  Billy said yes and developed the Rascal Eradicator®.  200 field day tests and a patent later the Rascal Eradicator™ is ready for the farmer, rancher, feedlot, rural landowner, towns, parks, HOA’s and dairy farmers to solve your underground pest control needs.

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