The Rascal Eradicator is your partner in the battle against unwanted rodents using a safe, effective and humane treatment without the risks of poisons and explosives.

The portable unit is designed for individuals, organizations and municipalities to take control of their property.

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About Rascal Eradicator

Struggling with prairie dogs, ground hogs, gophers or other burrowing pests? If you, your neighbors or your community want to reclaim you land without destroying property or employing inhumane methods, then you need to take a look at the Rascal Eradicator.

The Rascal Eradicator is designed to easily maneuver on your property. Features include:

  1. Wheeled base with high clearance
  2. Two hoses allow the user to cut work time in half
  3. Hose hanger allows for ease in transport and storage
  4. EPA approved

We have the best method and product available to solve your problem. Call us today to learn more about the Rascal Eradicator or to place an order.

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Why eradicate?

We know that not everyone wants to kill underground pests in any manner, but when a property owner, home owners association, municipality or any other person or group hasn’t been successful removing the varmints in any other way (and no, transporting them to another community is not legal or ethical), us come to eradication. Until recently, the only methods have been inhumane to the unwanted animals and dangerous to humans and pets.

Why are they so bad?

  1. Life threatening diseases such as pneumonic plague and tularemia (rabbit fever)
  2. Lyme disease
  3. Destruction of property, loss of property value
  4. Dangerous landscape for people and livestock
  5. Rattlesnakes, ants and poisonous spiders are opportunistic, taking refuge in the prairie dog tunnels

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