Tired of dealing with prairie dog control and looking for a humane alternative?

Look no further than the environmentally safe and easy to use Rascal Eradicator RE-1.

This is a ruggedly constructed, cost effective, humane, and efficient device for prairie dog extermination, removal, or control. This prairie dog removal device is safe to use in congested areas with no danger to children, pets, or the environment. There is no need for shooting or explosives with this prairie dog control product, and it eliminates using or storing dangerous poisons.


The Revolutionary New RE-1 Eradicator

RE-1 Rodent Control System

Comes with Series S50 Briggs & Stratton serviceable engine. 25' rubber hose and fittings for hose. Has extra port for an additional hose. Has fold-down handle and is powder coated. Unit weighs 70lbs.


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